Our environmental pledge

Protecting the environment and people

Committed to the environment

We implement sustainability initiatives guided by our priorities to the environment and a greener future. This perspective shapes our commitment to a sustainable future.

Protecting the environment

As a leading bunkering provider, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We strive to protect the environment through responsible operating procedures and adopting green solutions.

Dedication to zero spills

With a strong track record, rigorous training, and safety protocols, we are dedicated to achieving zero spills across our physical supply operations. Protecting oceans and coastlines matters to us.

Exceeding global standards

We use routine audits and crew training to ensure full compliance  with all environmental regulations on our barges. 

Our bunker barge fleet holds multiple ISO certifications and oil major approvals including Environmental Management System ISO 14001. This demonstrates our commitment to quality, safety and environmental protection.

Supply Chain Excellence

Our partnerships enable end-to-end oversight of the fuel supply chain. This ensures efficiency, transparency and reliability.

Quality Assurance

Through partnerships and protocols, we maintain quality assurance from procurement to delivery. Fuels consistently meet specifications.

Biofuel supply readiness

OMTI stands ready to provide biofuels, actively dedicating resources to invest in cutting-edge solutions for environmentally conscious bunkering. Our commitment to embracing innovation positions us at the forefront of shaping a cleaner future for bunkering practices.

Shaping a sustainable future

OMTI is investing in sustainability today. We embrace innovation in green marine fuels to achieve our shared vision of zero emissions.

Type: Oil Tanker

Hull Type: Double Hull

Delivery: The Coya was delivered in July 2011 from the Nanjing Tianshun Shipyard in China.

Length: 122.2m, Width: 19.05m

Tonnage: 9519 metric tons DWT

Classification: DNV

Pumps: 4 x 500 m3/hr screw pumps

Max Loading Rate: 2000 m3/hr