• Bunker Supply Coordination
  • Deslopping Arrangements & Coordination
  • Underwater Diving Operation Arrangements & Coordination
  • Lube Oil Coordination
  • Fresh Water Supply
  • Technicians Attendance
  • Bunker Surveyor Arrangements
  • Cargo Surveyor Arrangements
  • Vessels Survey (Class, Vetting, Etc.) Coordination¬†
  • Delivery Of Spares, Stores, Provisions, Charts
  • Crew Changes (Include Transit 96hrs Visas, Visit Visa, Transport, Hotel, Service Boat, Etc)
  • Life Boat Lowering, Drill Coordination
  • Vessels Repairs At Anchorage (Hot Work, Engine Mob, Demob)
  • Vessels Repairs At Berth (Hot Work, Engine Mob, Demob)
  • Sludge Disposal (Subject To Receiving Facility)
  • Arranging Garbage Skip.
  • Condition Certificate For Suez Rebate
  • Arranging Oil Spill Response And Coordination
  • Hull Cleaning, Oily Patches Cleaning Above Water Line
  • Port Clearance, Anchorage Clearance Arrangements
  • Ship Sanitation Certificate Issuance / Extension
  • Gate Pass, Offshore Pass, CID clearance For Port Of Fujairah For Visitors, Suppliers, Tech.
  • Vessels Cargo Operations At FOTT, VOPAK, SPM Terminals.
  • Vessels Inward Immigration, Customs Clearance
  • Transportation For Crew, Equipment, Spares, Etc.
  • Service Boat Arrangements For All Type Of Husbandry, Owners Matters.
  • Bunker Sample, Lube Oil Sample Collection & Dispatch To Destination Lab
  • Equipment Arrangements (Crane, Forklift, Mafi, Trucks, Etc.)
  • Consignment Clearance (Ship Spares)
  • Cash To Master Delivery
  • PCR/Medical Test Arrangements
  • Sick / Injured Crew Attendance, Hospitalization and Assistance.
  • Purchase / Collection Of Spares, Items From Local Market.
  • Anchor handling / Anchor recovery arrangements and coordination.

Type: Oil Tanker

Hull Type: Double Hull

Delivery: The Coya was delivered in July 2011 from the Nanjing Tianshun Shipyard in China.

Length: 122.2m, Width: 19.05m

Tonnage: 9519 metric tons DWT

Classification: DNV

Pumps: 4 x 500 m3/hr screw pumps

Max Loading Rate: 2000 m3/hr