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OMTI is committed to protect the environment and to keep our seas clean in every aspect of conducting our business. In order to further safeguard our operations and at no extra cost to our customers who in turn have a potential huge benefit in case of an accident, we have obtained Oil Spill Response Services Cover for our Fujairah operations.

We have contracted Fender and Spill Response Services LLC (www.fsrs.com) of Fujairah, an oil spill response specialist to provide us with an AMPD (Average Most Probable Discharge) cover that is specifically designed for spills that may occur during the transfer of hydrocarbons from one ship to another. Under this cover, FSRS is monitoring all our operations and is standing by to swiftly respond with human resources and equipment that are stationed inside the Port of Fujairah.

To continuously improve our performance we work closely with our contractor FSRS who monitor our supplies no matter how small, contact risk assessment and analyze potential hazards and near misses in order to prevent accidents from happening.

Naturally the condition of the ship-to-ship transfer equipment, i.e. primary and secondary fender as well as cargo hoses, is routinely checked. All equipment is maintained, tested and certified by appropriately authorized third parties.